taxonomy, morphology and phylogeny

Aquatic nematodes from Ethiopia .5. Descriptions of Achromadora inflata n sp, Ethmolaimus zullinii n sp and Prodesmodora nurta Zullini, 1988 (Chromadorida: Nematoda)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:E. Abebe, Coomans A.
Date Published:Sep
ISBN Number:0018-8158
Accession Number:WOS:A1996VR63900002

Three species of chromadorids two of which are new to science are described from bottom samples of Lake Tana, L. Ziway and River Abbay, Ethiopia. Achromadora inflata n. sp. and Ethmolaimus zullinii n. sp. are characterized by a uniquely inflated and offset anterior end. The latter is an exception in its genus also by its possession of a well developed dorsal tooth and inconspicuous ventrosublateral denticles. Prodesmodora nurta Zullini, 1988 is reported here for the first time out of its type locality and is described in detail. SEM pictures of Ethmolaimus zullinii n. sp. and Prodesmodora nurta, and complete setae maps of the three species are also presented.

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