taxonomy, morphology and phylogeny

Aquatic nematodes from Ethiopia .8. Enoplids, with descriptions of Brevitobrilus fesehai n sp and B-tsalolikhini n sp (Enoplida: Nematoda)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:E. Abebe, Coomans A.
Date Published:Feb
ISBN Number:0018-8158
Accession Number:WOS:A1997XK53800006

Two new and one known species of the genus Brevitobrilus, Epitobrilus setosus, Tripyla glomerans, and Ironus ignavus and I. sphincterus are described from sediments of Lakes Shala, Tana and Ziway, and River Abbay, Ethiopia. Brevitobrilus fesehai n. sp. can be recognized by a combination of characteristics: in having a narrow anterior end, short cephalic and outer labial setae, long and bow-shaped spicules, the posteriormost supplement at a distance of less than a spicule length from cloacal opening, numerous micropapillae, and terminal and subterminal setae. B. tsalolikhini n.sp. can also easily be differentiated from all known species in the genus in having a combination of characteristics: long cephalic and outer labial setae, short spicules without median stiffening piece, the posteriormost supplement situated very close to the cloacal opening, supplements with straight duct that merges with the dorsal wall of the ampulla, and elongate spermatozoa. The remaining five species are described in detail. Also scanning electron microscopic pictures of B. fesehai n.sp., B. tsalolikhini n.sp., Epitobrilus setosus and Tripyla glomerans are presented.

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