taxonomy, morphology and phylogeny

Nematode species of the order Tylenchida, new to the Belgian Nematofauna with additional morphological data

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2000
Authors:W. Bert, Geraert E.
Journal:Belgian Journal of ZoologyBelgian Journal of Zoology
ISBN Number:0777-6276
Keywords:Belgium, female reproductive system, Hirschmanniella, morphology, NEMATODE, nematofauna, ORDER TYLENCHIDA, Pratylenchus, REPRODUCTIVE-SYSTEM, SEM, TYLENCHIDA, TYLENCHOIDEA

Ten nematode species belonging to the order Tylenchida were recorded for the first time in Belgium: Tylenchus arcuatus, Coslenchus polonicus, Basiria graminophila, Cephalenchus leptus, PI Pratylenchus flakkensis, Hirschmanniella loofi, Hirschmanniella gracilis, Helicotylenchus varicaudatus, Paratylenchus similis and Gracilacus aculenta. The genera Cephalenchus and Hirschmanniella are first genera records. For each species, morphometrical and morphological information is presented. Special attention has been given to the female reproductive system. The nematofauna review of the Nematofauna of Belgium (COOMANs, 1989) has been updated: records from our study as well as from others were added

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